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Sue Sheehan

Sue Sheehan Photo: Charlotte Hartwell Two voices. One concert.


Sue Sheehan-Band


Born 1962 in Illinois, USA, lives in Coppenbrügge, Lower Saxony. 
Studied Theater and Film, first in Boston then from 1983 in London. 

During her studies worked on diverse film and theater productions.

1986 first stay in Europa, followed by permanent move to Germany in 1988. Like the whole Sheehan family, Sue’s been singing since she could talk, and plays trumpet, flugelhorn, guitar-bouzouki and bodhrán.

Various choirs and bands through her youth, and diverse road trips with the family, have shaped her musical path. She’s worked as a freelance musician in various lineups (medieval, Irish folk, singer-songwriter, jazz/swing etc.) since 1995.

2015-17 Studies at the Center for World Music at the University of Hildesheim, graduating with Master of Arts degree

Four Soloists. One Concert.

Annett Kuhr, Sue Sheehan, Corinne Duarre, Alix Dudel



Four solo singer/musicians present and interweave German Lieder, French chanson, American singer-songwriter tradition and lyrical dada word virtuosity to bodhrán, trumpet, flugelhorn, bouzouki, guitar and piano. Their songs conjure up images of people and landscapes, telling of the great and small motions and emotions between yearning and distance.

Four Soloists. One Concert.
Annett Kuhr, Sue Sheehan, Corinne Duarre, Alix Dudel - ‘Lieder-Lyrik-Songs-Chansons’


Press voices

“I could listen to this wonderful songsmith for hours – she’s up there with the best that the genre has to offer.”

© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup-Folkworld Music Magazin 2016

“Her supple, strong voice along with Irish instruments and trumpet make her performances a memorable experience.”

Oberweser Zeitung

“A multifaceted artist who writes profound songs, interpreted with a voice that can belt it out one minute and whisper in your ear the next.”

Mike Kamp Folker Magazin