Lyrical singer-songwriter synergy,

sharing passion, empathy, harmony … Annett and Sue’s concerts conjure an ardency, intensity and fire whose embers glow long after the final encore.

Press voices

Annett Kuhr

“An instinct for melody, intelligent lyrics, tremendous musicality"

Potsdamer neueste Nachrichten

“Annett’s filigree fingerpicking guitar style builds arcs of harmony whose delicate resonances meld with her warm voice into a genial unity.”

Jens Kommnick

“There’s a strong idea within each song … in the warmth of her voice … that somehow carries the strength to banish fear.”

Christof Stählin

Sue Sheehan

“I could listen to this wonderful songsmith for hours – she’s up there with the best that the genre has to offer.”

© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup-Folkworld Music Magazin 2016

“Her supple, strong voice along with Irish instruments and trumpet make her performances a memorable experience.”

Oberweser Zeitung

“A multifaceted artist who writes profound songs, interpreted with a voice that can belt it out one minute and whisper in your ear the next.”

Mike Kamp Folker Magazin


We’re back on stage! Friday 31 July and Saturday 1 August in Rottweil – see tour schedule for details.

We’ll make our first live video when circumstances permit; videos of solo and band performances are on YouTube and/or on our individual homepages (see ‘Contact’).