Annett Kuhr und Sue Sheehan Zwei Stimmen.Ein Konzert. 2stimmen1konzert

About us

Our paths first crossed in May of 2014, at Venne folk festival – each of us taken by the other’s music, but time for only a brief encounter between all the other musicians. Almost five years later, in January of 2019, fortunate happenstance brought us together on stage when invited to the ‘Long Night of Poesy’ by Manfred Hausin, writer and initiator, in the Rathaussaal in Bad Karlshafen. With mutual admiration for musical verve and powerful presence, on the same evening, and despite the travelling involved between opposite ends of Germany, we resolved to devise a duo concert program.

Thus began our musical journey. We’re curious and excited about where it might take us.

Annett Kuhr and Sue Sheehan, January 2020


Our CD “Eine Reise – A Journey” is nominated for “PREIS DER DEUTSCHEN SCHALLPLATTENKRITIK”! :-)