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Our music

At the heart of our music is the singing voice, enriched, framed, accompanied and embroidered with the multifarious sounds of bodhrán, trumpet, flugelhorn, bouzouki, guitar, piano, drawing on jazz, bossa nova, Irish folk, classical music and chanson. In German and English we sing of the essence to be found in the everyday world, conjure up images of people and landscapes, tell of the great and small motions and emotions between yearning and distance.
Along with our own songs we like to make room for others: folksong, swing numbers, medieval songs, a whiff of the blues. The genre doesn’t matter as long as it can reach you.


We’re back on stage! Friday 31 July and Saturday 1 August in Rottweil – see tour schedule for details.

We’ll make our first live video when circumstances permit; videos of solo and band performances are on YouTube and/or on our individual homepages (see ‘Contact’).